Sunnyside, TX Tornado, April 1960


Dimmitt, Tex. (UPI) -- At least four tornadoes ripped through the Texas Panhandle Tuesday night and the worst almost wiped out the crossroads town of Sunnyside, where 75 men were meeting in a church.
The Sunnyside twister killed three persons and injured most of the total of at least 60 others hurt in all the Texas tornadoes. A pile of debris remained where Sunnyside once stood 15 miles south of Dimmitt.
The squall line that produced the Texas tornadoes, the worst of the season, drove northeastward into Kansas today but at last report, no tornadoes had been forecast in Kansas.

Dead Are Identified.
The Texas Department of Public Safety, which maintained tenuous communications with Sunnyside, reported four known dead until today, when it learned that one badly mangled woman counted as dead was still alive.
She was MRS. EARL PHELAN. The known dead were T. R. HOGAN, owner of the Sunnyside Ginning Co.; J. D. KIDD, 55, Plainview, who was visiting Sunnyside, and NONA BETH PHELAN, MRS. PHELAN'S daughter.
Rescue workers loaded a little girl and a little boy with their arms torn off into an ambulance at Sunnyside. The Baptist Church, where the men were having a fellowship meeting, a community store and half a dozen homes near the church were demolished.

Yuma Daily Sun Arizona 1960-04-13


J.B. Kidd

J.B. Kidd (not J.D. Kidd) was my granddad. My dad was with him in this tornado.


My Grandad & Grandmother, Alonzo & Katie Lou Ferguson, were the original owner of the "community" store in Sunnyside. I remember the name "Phelan" and I'm sure my mom knows the family. (Sunnyside is a small "town.") I wonder if there's anything left there at all now?

Stu, this is great,

Stu, this is great, appreciate it. Very interesting to me because Mrs. Earl Phelan is my Grandma. I found this article and sent it to my Dad, and he had never seen it. Nona Beth was his sister. Would definitely be interested in finding any other informaiton on this...if anyone has anything.