Stanton, TX Fire, Feb 1909

Costly Blaze in Stanton.

Fire Early Monday Spreads to many Buildings.

Special To The News.
Stanton, Tex., Feb. 22.-At 3 o’clock this morning fire broke out in the building occupied by Morrison & Morrison. Losses as follows:

Morrison & Morrison, grain and feed-stuffs, $4,500, insurance $3,500; W.R. Clark, dry goods, $1,400, insurance, $1,000; Stanton Realty Company, $50, no insurance; C.H. Nash, bedding and wearing apparel, $50; A. Richardson, blacksmith shop and automobile, $3,500, no insurance; Wolf & Perry, grocers and racket store, $1,000, insurance, $500; L.S. Vance, real estate office, $500, no insurance; J.R. Whisenant, grocery, $1,000, insurance $500; Hamilton O’Brien & Epley, hardware and furniture, $15,000, insurance, $8,000; Dr. M.E. Campbell, rock building, $6,500, insurance, $4,000, loss on office fixtures, instruments, etc., $1,000, no insurance; Dr. J.R. Vance, buildings, $2,000, no insurance; J.B. Hadden, building, $800, insurance $500; First National Bank building damaged $350, fully insured; Crowder building damaged $250, fully insured.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 23 Feb 1909