Corpus Christi, TX Roller Coaster Jumps Railing, Aug 1930

Roller Coaster Jumps Railing; Girl, 17, Killed

Corpus Christi Accident Also Expected to Cost Life of Texarkana Man


Wreckage Stops Second Car; All of Injured in First Car of Hook-Up

(By Associated Press)

CORPUS CHRISTI, Tex., Aug. 27.---One girl was killed and eight other persons were injured, one probably fatally, when a roller coaster plunged from the track in descending a chute at a beach amusement park here tonight. Miss Ina Marion, 17, of Corpus Christi, died soon afterward in a hospital. Her neck was broken.

The injured:
Jesse Henley, Texarkana, head crushed, not expected to live.
C. H. Creighton, San Antonio oil operator, bruised.
Myrl H. Windsor, serious back injury.
Ruth Minter, bruised.
Vivian Curtis, badly cut.
M. R. Kelly, back injured.
Floyd Kelley, serious back injury.
Clarence A. Ryals, bruised, not seriously.

The roller coaster came down a steep incline at a rapid rate of speed and suddenly plunged over the rail, dropping to the ground. The car following it was halted when it struck the wreckage were unhurt. All of those injured were passengers in the first car. Miss Morton was catapulted to the ground and her neck was broken.

Police authorities were investigating the accident but at a late hour had not learned the cause of the mishap.

San Antonio Express, San Antonio, TX 28 Aug 1930