Galveston, TX Tarpon Pier Collapse, Jul 1909 - Missed the Storm

Narrowly Missed The Storm.

Police Capt. Eimicke Left Galveston Just Before Disaster.

Police Captain George Eimicke is at home again from a visit to Galveston. He left the Island City Wednesday morning, just as the storm broke and a heavy rain was falling.

Capt. Eimicke had spent several days at Galveston. He visited Dr. J.H. Florence at the Quarantine Station. He was of a party that spent Tuesday at Tarpon and on Bettison’s pier. The weather he said was charming, and until Wednesday morning there was nothing to indicate that there would be an awful storm.

The bridge over the bay was parted just after the train passed over on which Capt. Eimicke was a passenger.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 24 Jul 1909