Galveston, TX Tarpon Pier Collapse, Jul 1909 - Six Are Rescued

Six Of Tarpon Pier Party Safe

Body Of Negress Is Recovered. Four Are Still Missing. Rescue Miraculous.

Special To The News.
Galveston, Tex., July 22.-Rather than an increase, the day succeeding the hurricane of Wednesday develops a diminution of disaster, whereas it was believed that the ten persons who were upon the Tarpon fishing pier when it was destroyed were surely lost, six were today found alive. The dead body of one, a negro woman, was found.

Those safe at Galveston are Ray C. Tetshorn of Houston, C.D. Hopkins and John Forrest, the latter two being colored waiters at the Tarpon. It is reported from Morgan’s Point that Everett Lewis, white, bartender at the pier, and Charles Johnson, a colored porter, had been rescued there.

The fatalities of the storm are reduced to four of the party of ten who were at the Tarpon pier upon the jetty. Of those whose fate are unknown here are Capt. and Mrs. R.L. Bettison, C.H. Daily, circulation manager pf the Galveston Tribune, and a white man thought to be from Groveton, Tex.

At about 2:30 o’clock this afternoon the launch Mayflower came in from Cedar Bayou, berthed at the foot of Twenty-Second Street, and startled those within hailing distance about the wharf by announcing that some of the party supposed to have been drowned off the Tarpon Pier had been brought in.

A carriage was summoned and the survivors, as above, taken up town. The news spread like wild fire, and son there were many persons about the Mayflower eager for details. Throughout the city the word was heard everywhere “Some of the Tarpon crowd have been saved.” It was regarded as nothing short of marvelous.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 23 Jul 1909


Six Men Are Rescued; Swept From Tarpon Pier.

Galveston, Tex., July 22.-As if from the bottom of the sea five of the shipwrecked victims from the Tarpon fishing pier were picked up alive late today off Red Fish Reef in the upper Galveston Bay, opposite North Galveston.

Names of Those Rescued.
The Rescued are:
RAY G. TEETSHORN, Houston, bookkeeper.
EVERETT LEWIS, bartender at pier.
C.D. HOPKINS, Galveston.
JOHN FORREST (colored), porter at pier.
CHARLES JOHNSON (colored), porter at pier.
Legless man, whose name was not given.

With the report of the rescue of these men, hope for the safety of the other five persons is builded much stronger, although it is feared the others, who were not very robust, have succumbed to the ordeal of twenty-four hours in the water.

Those still unaccounted for are:
C.H. BAILEY, circulation manger of the Tribune.
A man presumed to be from Groveland, Tex., but whose name could not be learned.

The yacht Mayflower, which brought the surveyors to Galveston, left Cedar Bayou at noon and an hour later fell in with the launch Maud, which had the five men on board. The Maud was bound for Cedar Bayou and passed within a short distance of one of the men who, while at the point of giving up, was still able to hang on to the piece of timber under his arms. Four others were found hanging on driftwood and in an exhausted condition. The men were given immediate attention and were transferred to the larger vessel, the Mayflower.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 23 Jul 1909