Union City, TN Amusement Ride Accident, Aug 1973


Union City, Tenn. (UPI) -- A 13-year-old boy was killed and at least eight other children injured Monday night when a ride called the "Spider" collapsed at the Obion County Fair.
The victim was identified as KEITH CONNEL of Union City. Officials of Obion County General Hospital said he was crushed to death.
The officials said the most seriously injured of the other children taken to the hospital was JACQUELINE PENDERGRASS, 12, the daughter of Union City Police Chief Charles Pendergrass. She was rushed to Methodist Hospital in Memphis with a fractured neck.
Two other youths were admitted to the Union City Hospital in serious condition.
Officials said STEVE OLIVER, 13, of Union City had a possible fractured spine and JAMES GRIFFIN, 13, also of Union City, had cervical injuries.

Times Standard Eureka California 1973-08-28


Re: lies

My jaw was fractured in three places, I have a wire in it. My front two upper teeth were jammed into my upper jaw and broken off in Steve Oliver's head.
And...it was no accident!!!

This is interesting. I was

This is interesting. I was one of the ones injured on the ride. Where did you find this article?