Tiptonville, TN Private Plane Crash, Jan 1950


Davenport, Ia., (INS) -- Three Davenport men, returning from a pleasure trip, were dead today after their plane exploded in the air near Tiptonville, Tenn.
Victims of the accident yesterday were identified as VERNE MALCOLM JOHNSON, 36; HARLAN DEEM, 34, and WILLIAM FREDERICK CLOUGH, 39. The men reportedly had flown from Davenport to Cuba early this month.
JOHNSON had notified his wife Saturday night that they planned to leave Mobile, Ala., yesterday morning on the last leg of the return trip.
Davenport police were advised of the accident by Sheriff J. C. Hayes of Tiptonville. He gave no details of the mishap except that the plane had exploded in mid-air and crashed, killing all three men.
JOHNSON was owner of the plane and operated garages under the name of Johnson Motors in Bettendorf, Mobile, Ala., and Oklahoma City, Okla. He is survived by his widow and two children.
DEEM, a hauling contractor, lost his wife in a traffic accident in Davenport last Oct. 10. He is survived by three children.
CLOUGH, a real estate investor, lived on Route 61 three miles west of Davenport. He is survived by his widow and two children.

Mt. Pleasant News Iowa 1950-01-16