Memphis, TN Bomber Crashes Into Home, Apr 1943


Memphis, April 29. (AP) -- Seven persons were killed -- including two women and a 20-months-old child -- when a twin-engined Army bomber crashed today in a house in the Memphis residential section.
Funeral homes said four bodies were identified as those of MR. and MRS. NORMAN C. COBB, both 23; their twenty-months-old daughter, and MISS BEATRICE WITHERS, all occupants of the home into which the plane crashed.
The Fourth Ferrying group listed the airmen victims of the crash as:
Capt. RALPH J. QUALE, 30, flight instructor, Washington, D.C.
Flight Officer GLEN V. TRICKEL, 38, formerly of South Bend, Ind., who resided with his wife in Memphis.
Second Lt. LEON KLEINMAN, 28, of Dallas, Texas.
Bodies Badly Burned.
Exploding gas tanks set fire to both the house and the plane, burning five of the seven bodies beyond recognition. Two bodies were recovered before the explosion, which also set fire to two adjoining residences.
Eye-witness accounts said the bomber, based at the Fourth Ferrying group here, was one of three flying over the northeastern residential section when it developed engine trouble. It left the formation and dropped to an altitude of about 800 feet where it circled for a few minutes before plunging into the frame house.

Avalanche Journal Lubbock Texas 1943-04-30