Dover, TN Private Plane Crash, Apr 1963


Dover, Tenn. (AP) -- Four persons, including three members of a Minneapolis family, died late Wednesday when their small single-engine plane crashed into a wooded hillside after breaking apart in the air.
The Tennessee Highway Patrol identified the victims as:
RALPH J. OLM, 49, the pilot.
His wife, 50.
Their daughter, NADIA, 18, all of Minneapolis.
MARTINA ALLEN ROEHLING, 17, Redlands, Calif.
Bodies of the three women were recovered near the plane, OLM'S about 150 yards away. Rescue workers had to travel to the inaccessible area by mule-drawn wagon and tractor.
Witnesses said they saw the plane turn over, lose a wing and fall. Officers said clothing and wreckage was strewn for a mile and a half in the heavily wooded area 70 miles southwest of Nashville.

Winona Daily News Minnesota 1963-04-04