Chattanooga, TN plane crash, Dec 1928

Four Burn to Death; Plane Takes Crash

Fifth Man Escapes When He Jumps as Craft Nears Ground.

CHATTNOOGA, Tenn., Dec. 23 (AP). - Four men were burned to death and a fifth was injured Sunday when a passenger and mail plane of the Interstate Air Lines crashed and caught fire after a take-off for Atlanta.

The dead are C. H. Shields, Louisville, K. , pilot of the ship; Lieut. Raymond D. Harris, Cincinnati, routing pilot; C. T. Mayers [sic], St. Elmo, and G. L. Burnett, Macon, Ga., passengers.

Fifth Man Jumps.

William Rozar of Macon, Ga., the fifth man, jumped just before the plane struck the ground. He left on a train for Macon after being treated for slight cuts and bruises.

The plane, southbound from Chicago, arrived here late Saturday, behind schedule because of bad weather. It was held at Marrs Field overnight and took off this morning to complete the hop to Atlanta.

About a mile from the field the ship crashed into the back yard of a residence at Ocoee street and Orchard Knob avenue. Motor trouble was said to have been the cause of the accident.

Department of Commerce inspectors have been summoned to investigate the crash.

Lieut. Harris in 1922, was a student at Kelly Field.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 24 Dec 1928

[note: C. T. Mayers should have been named in the article as C. T. Mayer]


incorrect spelling

My Great Grandfather who died in the 1928 plane crash in Chattanooga was Charles Theodore Mayer. As posted, Meyers is incorrect.
C. T. Mayer was employed by the Chatem Chemical Company located just up the hill from St. Elmo Ave where he resided. He was returning from Rio de Janerio where he had represented the company as he spoke seven languages fluently. He was survived by his wife Marie Born Mayer and daughter Martha both of Chattanooga.

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