White River, SD Two Car Collision, Dec 1969


White River (UPI) - Tragedy struck near White River Christmas Eve when a two-car collision claimed the lives of seven persons.
A Mission family, KERRY SHELTON, 25, his wife BARBARA, 22, and their two children, RANDOLPH, 4, and LAURIE, 1, were killed in the collision.
The occupants of the other vehicle, JOSEPH KEEVER, 18, RICHIE KEEVER, 15, and BRUCE HARRIS, 16, were all from White River, in south central South Dakota. There were no survivors of the crash which took place on S.D. 83 just south of White River, about 10:30 p.m. The two autos burst into flames and firemen were called to the scene.
The deaths raised South Dakota's 1969 highway toll to 289 compared with 251 on Christmas Day 1968.

Lead Daily Call South Dakota 1969-12-26