Scotland, SD Train Crushes Family in Car Stalled on Tracks, May 1929


Only Baby Survives

Mike Dvorak Family of Scotland S. D. as Train Hits Car

Scotland, S.D., May 25. -- (AP)-- Only a baby in a family of five survived an accident here late tonight in which four persons were killed on a railroad crossing when a freight train backed into an automobile stalled upon the tracks.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dvorak, living on a farm near here, and two of their three children, a boy 4 1/2 years old and a girl three years old were instantly killed.  A baby was only slightly injured and will recover.  The names of the children were not learned here.

According to witnesses, a flagman attempted to stop Dvorak from crossing the tracks because of a freight train, which was backing up across an intersection in the main part of town.

Dvorak either failed to see the flagman or believed he could cross the tracks before the train reached the intersection.  His car stalled on the tracks and the victims were crushed by the oncoming train.

The baby was thrown clear of the wreckage and suffered only a minor shaking up.

Aberdeen Daily News, Aberdeen, SD 26 May 1929


Scotland, S. D. -- The inquest which was to have been held on Monday morning into the deaths of four members of the Mike Devorak family, who were killed here Saturday night in a railroad crossing accident, has been postponed until Wednesday.  Mr. and Mrs. Devorak and two daughters, 2 and 4, were the victims of the accident, which occurred when the Devorak car was struck by the rear end of a freight train as it bucked across the Main street crossing here Saturday night.  All were badly mangled.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 28 May 1929