Columbia, SC Flood, Feb 1900


Flood Retarding Work of the Seaboard Air-Line

Columbia, S.C., February 15. - (Special.)
The connections of the Seaboard between Camden and Casey s, just across the Congaree river from Columbia, have been delayed by the freshet in the Wateree river at Camden and the Congaree at Columbia. Pending the slow building of the steel bridge over the former, a wooden trestle had been constructed, over which trains had already been run, all the iron and material from the north for this end of the line being brought over that trestle. This wooden bridge has been swept away and besides causing considerable financial loss, will dely the connection with the Florida Central and Peninsular for an indefinite time. Had the wooden bridge not given away as soon as it did, the timbers would have taken away the uncompleted steel bridge, but the wrecked structure passed under the steel works. Two hours later it would have demolished the other. At Columbia the temporary bridge has been carried away. This was used to carry material to workmen on the granite piers. The building on the other part of the road has progressed rapidly. Track has been laid to Columbia and the only section uncompleted is from the city limits to the iron bridge.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 16 Feb 1900