Union, SC Fire, Jun 1888


CHARLESTON, S. C., June 14.---Fire at Union, S. C., yesterday destroyed brick buildings occupied by Farr & Thompson, groceries; J. W. Swink & Co., druggists, (building owned by Robert W. Harris;) William Gist, ice cream saloon and Post Office, (building owned by J. C. Hunter;) Green Brothers, groceries, (building owned by B. F. Foster;) John K. Young, confectionery; P. M. Cohen, (building owned by the estate of John Sarter.) The damages are roughly estimated at $20,000. The fire originated in Swink & Co.'s drug store. Faithful work and pluck saved the town. During the fire Samuel S. Stokes, a lawyer of this Bar, in heroic efforts to save property, lingered in Farr & Thompson's store until the roof fell in, knocking him senseless. A colored man observed the accident and rushed in amid the smoke and flames and dragged him out apparently lifeless. This heroic deed called forth applause from men and screams from ladies. The colored man's name has not been found out.

The New York Times, New York, NY 15 Jun 1888