South Carolina Tornado, Mar 1890


South Carolina Swept By A Tornado

COLUMBIA, S. C., March 24.---Further details of Saturday's storm are at hand. The fury of the cyclone was principally felt in Sumter. Every house was shaken to its foundations. Roofs were carried away and demolished and trees uprooted. I. DO. Richardson was killed by falling houses. Two men, names unknown, were fatally injured and many persons were badly bruised and scarred. Matheson's machinery depot was demolished and two large sheds of the Atlantic coast line railroad were blown down. The White Baptist Church and the jail and factory are badly damaged. The bridge over Broad river, on the Spartanburg Union & Columbia railroad at Sheldon, was blown into the river and completely demolished. An unknown man standing on the bridge was carried with it. In Chester county the tornado did great damage. Several small villages are also badly wrecked. At Edger more, the Dutch reformed church and railroad depot were blown down. At Black stock the academy buildings were destroyed and several smaller structures blown down. One woman and several children were fatally injured. In this city the immense ventilating roof of the state penitentiary was torn from its position and thrown down upon an adjoining building. A score of convicts narrowly escaped death. It is reported that the town of Prosperity has been swept away, but as wires are down nothing can be learned. Torn and twisted trees marked the path of the storm and it is feared that immense damage has been done. A special from Camden last night stated that the cyclone struck a house there and killed Mrs. Taster ling who was in the act of giving medicine to her step daughter. The bed which the sick child was on was torn to pieces and the mother killed, while the child, though thrown into the yard, escaped without the slightest injury.

The Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 24 Mar 1890