Winnsboro, SC House Fire, Jan 1904


The Handsome Home of Mr. U. G. DesPortes in Winnsboro Destroyed.
Special to The State.

Winnsboro, Jan. 7,—When the fire bell rang out loud and clear yesterday morning just before the break of day it was discovered that the home of Mr. and Mrs. U. G. DesPortes in the northern portion of the town was so far gone that it would be impossible to save the building, however efficient the service that the fire company might render. The family were sleeping in the rooms on the lower floor when a noise in the room above was heard, and before they could rise to see what it was the light from above burst through the ceiling of the room in which they were sleeping; and then it was that they saw that they merely had time to get themselves out. Soon the building was entirely consumed. But little was saved. The insurance on the building was $4,000 and on the contents $500. The loss was at least several thousand more than the insurance, as the home that was thus given to the flames was one of the prettiest in this town and was most beautifully furnished throughout.

There was a small fire in the country near here at about the same house. Mr. J. P. Isenhower losing his storeroom in which was stored a considerable quantity of corn and cotton seed.

The Salem school building was burned several nights ago. There was $300 insurance on the same.

The State, Columbia, SC 8 Jan 1904