Trio, SC Sawmill Boiler Explosion, May 1901

Explosion Of Boiler Kills Several Men.

Shocking Accident in Saw Mill at Trio, S.C.

Men Blown A Hundred Yards.

Two Instantly Killed and Four Others Including Owners of Mill, Seriously Injured.

Special to The State.
Georgetown, May 11.-One of the most shocking accident that has ever befallen this section of the country in a number of years occurred at Trio, S.C., 20 miles from this city on the Georgetown and Western railroad. Last night at 9 o’clock the boiler in the saw and planing mill of McDuffie & Wells exploded, killing two men instantly and seriously injuring others, R.L. Bruson, a white man, was thrown about 100 feet away and when found was dead and horribly mutilated. He leaves a wife and two children. Thos. Scott, negro, was found 100 yards away stripped of clothing, having nothing on but socks, and with every bone in his body badly broken and mashed into jelly.

Ellerbe McDuffie and Thos. Wells were standing 15 feet from the boiler. They were picked up 50 feet away senseless, and it was thought McDuffie would die last night from concussion. He is still in a critical condition and will probably die. Wells is doing well. Both were badly burned and scalded.

A white man, name unknown, had his foot badly mashed. An unknown negro sustained fracture of the scull.

Pieces of flesh were thrown almost a quarter of a mile against a house, breaking a window glass. Red hot bricks lodged on a lumber shed 100 yards away and set one shed on fire.

Drs. Mack Wyman and Jandon were sent up on a spectral train and rendered medical attention. Two other boilers were demolished by the explosion. The cause of explosion is unknown. Damage $5,000.

The State, Columbia, SC 12 May 1901