Ocean Drive Beach, SC Tornado, Aug 1965


Ocean Drive Beach, S. C. (AP) -- A heat-spawned tornado roared down on this South Carolina resort town Tuesday, injuring about 45 persons and causing an estimated $1.3 million worth of damage.
None of the victimds was believed seriously hurt, but some were hospitalized overnight. Most were treated for minor cuts and bruises and shock.
Air Force personnel from nearby Myrtle Beach Air Force Base blocked off a 10-to-12 block area early today after some looting was reported.
Utility lines were down, roofs of buildings lay on the ground, store windows were smashed and some cars were destroyed, including one parked beneath a falling ferris wheel.
Names of the injured were not immediately available.
Scott Hubbs, a newsman with a radio station at Myrtle Beach, was an eyewitness.
"Roofs were lying on the ground and all the power lines were down," he said. "My car was buffeted off the road."
Hubbs added that about 35 persons were gathered in the "Pad" a dancing pavillion. "Everything around it was wiped out," he said, "but the Pad wasn't damaged. It was some kind of phenomena."
"A lot of cars were destroyed, and a lot more were damaged. Store fronts along the waterfront were knocked out," Hubbs said.
Police Chief Merlin Bellamy described the tornado as a "water funnel, a tornado full of water." It was accompanied by heavy rains, thunder and lightning.

Charleston Daily Mail West Virginia 1965-08-18