Walterboro (ford), SC Tornado Damage, Apr 1879


Savannah, April 18. -- During a storm on Wednesday evening the residence of DR. G. M. RIVERS, at Walterboro, on the Savannah and Charleston railroad, was blown down and his wife and daughter and MR. PHILEMON SANDERS, who were in the house, were instantly killed. DR. RIVERS was absent at the time. The rain-storm has delayed the trains from Florida, none having arrived since Tuesday.

Charleston, April 17. -- Last evening a violent rain storm occurred here which continued throughout the night. Accounts from the interior show that the storm began with a terrific tornado which swept through the lower portions of the state causing a great destruction of life and property. In the village of Walterford more than one hundred dwellings and all the churches were swept away. Three-fourths of the inhabitants are homeless. Fifteen persons were killed and many more wounded. At Oakley station on the Northeastern railway all the houses that were occupied by the negroes were leveled. One negro was killed and many hurt. Similar casualties are reported from various points in the track of the tornado.

The Daily Constitution Atlanta Georgia 1879-04-18