Philadelphia, PA Children Fall from Windows, Jul 1911

Two Are Hurt By Tumbles From Windows Of Homes

Girl Loses Balance, Fractures Skull - Boy Somnambulist Falls

Losing her balance as she leaned from a second-story window at her home at 1713 South Chadwick street yesterday morning to attract several playmates, 7 year-old Helen GLADINGS fell to the pavement below, a distance of thirty feet, receiving a fractured right arm and general contusions of the body.

When she tumbled from the window, her playmates attempted to check her fall, but her body landed on the sidewalk several feet from them. The girl was unconscious when reached by neighbors, who carried her to St. Agnes' Hospital. Her injuries are so serious that she may not recover.

Although he fell a much greater distance, 4 year-old Francis RUTHERFORD, whose parents reside at 115 Flora street, escaped uninjured with the exception of bruises when he tumbled from a third-story window. The boy, according to his father, is addicted to walking in his sleep. On account of this habit, chairs have been placed around stairways and windows to prevent him from falling.

Yeserday morning, shortly after 4 o'clock, the boy walked to the rear window, climbed upon the sill and plunged to the ground. His fatherr, awakened, ran to the yard and carried him to the Pennsylvania Hospital. As the boy was stunned and did not move, his father believed him to be dead, but rejoiced when he saw the boy open his eyes in the hospital and cry for his mother.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 17 Jul 1911