Philadelphia, PA Children Injured Playing with Matches, Jan 1907


Little Ones Seriously Injured While engaged in Dangerous Pastime.

Three children in different parts of the city yesterday were seriously burned while playing in their homes. In each case those who attempted to rescue them from the flames had their hands severely burned.

One of the victims was two-year-old Sophia Griver, of 1493 North Alder street, who set her dress on fire while playing with matches. Her mother, who was absent from the room for a short time, found the child's dress on fire on her return and succeeded in beating out the flames with her hands. The child was so severely burned that in the opinion of the physicians of the Children's Homeopathic Hospital, where she was taken, she will probably die. The child's mother had her burns treated at the same hospital.

The other child victim was 7 year old Daniel Davenport, of 328 West Woodlawn street, who was severely burned while playing near the stove in his home yesterday. His mother extinguished the flames, burning her hands severely in doing so. The child was taken to the Germantown Hospital.

Left alone for a few moments, 5 year old Lena Sheer, of 1218 Pine street secured a box of matches and playfully began to light them. One of the flaming matches fell upon her dress and in a second all her clothing was a mass of flames. Her screams attracted the attention of a man who was passing the house and he rushed in and picked the child up and smothered the flames by wrapping a rug around her. The little girl was taken to the Pennsylvania Hospital, but was so badly burned that she died shortly after being admitted to that institution.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 18 Jan 1907