Andersons Station, PA Train Wreck, Nov 1865

Terrible Railroad Accident.

The Juniata Democrat says: -- On Tuesday evening, the 14th, about 8 o'clock a terrible accident occurred near Anderson's Station, by which HENRY WILLOUGHBY, formerly of this county, and conductor of a freight train, and BENJAMIN RITTER, brakeman, of Mount Joy, Lancaster county, were instantly killed. They were seated near the centre of the train upon a coal car, the interior of which is constructed in hopper of funnel shape; the bottom secured by doors from which chains pass upward to an iron shaft, upon the one end of which is a cog-wheel secured by a cleat to hold it from turning.

By some means this cleat was thrown out of the cog-wheel, and the two men, with nearly the entire load of coal, were precipitated upon the track, and run over by the remaining cars, also by two subsequent freight trains. Their heads were cut off and crushed into an almost shapeless mass, while their legs and arms were nearly severed in different places, and the bones crushed out, leaving nothing but a mass of ground flesh! MR. RITTER was disemboweled, and his heart, liver and entrails strewn along the track. Their broken and scattered remains, which presented a shocking spectacle, were gathered up and bro't to this place on the Mail Train, due here at 10.5 P. M. The body of MR. WILLOUGHBY was interred here on Tuesday afternoon last. He leaves a wife and three children to mourn his sad and untimely end. MR. RITTER'S remains were sent to his friends at Mr. Joy.

The Huntingdon Globe Pennsylvania 1865-11-29