Bedford Co., PA Fatal Auto Accident, Apr 1966

First Fatality, Many Accidents in County

Robert H. Whetstone, 78, of Manns Choice, Bedford Co., PA RD 1 became the first traffic fatality of 1966 in Bedford County at 12:30 p.m. Saturday when he was struck and killed while walking across Rt. 30 just west of Old Forks Inn west of Bedford.
County Coroner S. Alton Barefoot of Bedford said death was caused by a fractured skull, crushed Pelvis and compound fracture of the right leg. Death was instant. An inquest remains uncertain pending further investigation, he said.
Whetstone was struck by a westbound auto driven by Robert E. Cornell, 22, of Central City RD 1, according to state police. The victim reportedly was walking from the south to north side of the highway when he was hit. He was knocked 57 feet.
Reports indicated Whetstone was least partially deaf and failed to heed the warnings of those who saw the car approaching him.
Cornell was operating an auto owned by Dwight Shaffer of Central City RD 1. Reports indicated Shaffer and Cornell earlier in the morning purchased an auto in the Bedford area. Cornell was driving the first car back to Central City for Shaffer, reports continued.
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A pedestrian -- Robert H. Whetstone, 78, of Manns Choice, Bedford Co., PA area was killed early Saturday afternoon as he walked across this spot on Rt. 30 just west of Old Forks Inn. Whetstone reportedly had stopped at the Yonal coal yard, left, and was returning to his pickup truck when he was hit. It was the first fatality of the year in the county.
Transcribed from the Bedford Gazette April 4, 1966 by Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer