Edgeworth, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1900


Eleven Persons Badly Injured in Collision at Edgeworth, Pa.---Two Will Die.

PITTSBURG, Pa., Dec. 14.---The day express, No. 8, from Chicago, on the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, at 6:30 o'clock this morning collided with the Leetsdale accommodation, east-bound, at Edgeworth, Pa., near here. Both trains were wrecked and eleven persons were injured. The list is as follows:

Oscar White, fireman of No. 8. Fatally. Dorsey Wise, baggage master on accommodation. Will die. Lives at Leetsdale and is married.

James Johnston, conductor on accommodation, Leetsdale; cut about face and body. Fred Schuch, brakeman on the accommodation, hurt about the body; R. L. Stevens, of New York, breastbone injured; J. E. Hanson, of Chicago, hurt about the head and face; Mrs. Hanson, wife of J. E. Hanson, rendered unconscious by head striking against the floor of car; William Pischer, bruised about the body; Ada Pischer, cut about the head, and George Fleming, porter of General Supertendent Watts private car, bruised about right arm and side.

A mistake in the signals, it is said, caused the accident. The accommodation had stopped at Edgeworth and the passengers were throughing[sic] into the coaches when the heavy locomotive hauling the express came thundering up the track. The engineer applied the air, but was not able to stop the express in time to avert a collision, and the engine crashed into the accommodation train.

The express locomotive plunged into the smoking car and coaches of the accommodation, which were thrown from the track. The moment the wreck occurred a large crowd ran to the assistance of the injured and in a short time they were all extricated from their perilous positions and removed to the station and physicians summoned.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 15 Dec 1900