New Brighton, PA Bobsled Crash Into Train, Feb 1905



New Brighton, Pa., Feb. 11. - A man and two boys were killed, two boys are dying and three more were slightly injured as the result of a bob-sled carrying 16 boys dashing into a train. All the others on the sled almost miraculously escaped with hardly a scratch.
The dead:
REED H. McDANIEL, who was steering the sled, head cut open and body cut to pieces.
CHARLES FARROW, aged 11 years, skull crushed, chest crushed and leg cut off.
MERL SAVIERS, aged 15 years, skull crushed, lived 10 minutes.
The dying:
MARVIN DRURY, aged 15 years, chest and skull crushed.
ROBERT FARROW, aged 7 years, skull fractured, chest crushed, foot taken off.
The Sixth Street hill was a glare of ice and was thronged with coasters. Boys to watch for approaching trains were stationed at the railroad crossing and saw the train coming. They cried to the occupants of the bob-sled to stop, but their cries were unheard in time to stop the big sled. It was the Beaver Falls accommodation into which the sled dashed. It struck the rear steps of the second coach, breaking them. The accounts of the boys who were on the sled and escaped injury vary in the details of how the accident occurred. REED McDANIEL was guiding the sled, which came down the hill at terrific speed, and it was almost at the crossing when the train dashed up. Not until then did the coasters see their danger. The older boys made frantic efforts to escape by trying to capsize the sled, which they succeeded in doing just as the front struck the train.
McDANIEL was hurled head foremost between the cars, and the wheels passed over his limbs and body. The rear of the sled, through the efforts of the boys to upset it, swung around broadside and struck the iron support of the safety gate on the corner with great force. This hurled several of the boys into and under the wheels. Many of the others on the sled the instant they realized their danger threw themselves off the sled, some of them grasping the smaller boys and pulling them off as they themselves rolled to safety.

Lebanon Daily News Pennsylvania 1905-02-11