Canonsburg, PA Theatre Panic, Aug 1911

Canonsburg PA Pike Street Downtown 1909.jpg

Town Terror-Stricken
Within a few moments after the film flashed and the panic started, the fire whistles were blown, practically the entire population of the town responded and packed in narrow Pike street, from which the fatal theater lane leads.
All of them were apparently terror-stricken and could give little aid. The only cool persons were the firemen and the several members of the police force.
This town is about twenty miles from Pittsburgh.
JOHN McCULLOUGH, operator of the moving picture machine, had just thrown the subject of the next series of pictures on the screen when the film exploded and the asbestos cabinet was filled with flames.
For several moments the audience numbering upwards of 1,500, was totally unaware of the accident and the operator heroically fought down the flame and succeeded in extinguishing them.
Then, his hands burned burned[sic] and almost suffocated, he opened the door of the little box and staggered out. With the opening of the door a cloud of smoke burst into the auditorium.

The Syracuse Herald New York 1911-08-27

The dead at Canonsburg, Pa., theater fire:
ARTHUR BEAK, 22 years old.
FRANCIS BEARD, 13 year old, negro.
MANGELLA ROBINSON, 17 years old.
MRS. HARRY KELLY, 39 years old, Houston, Pa.
EARL KELLY, four year old, son of MRS. KELLY.
ADOLPH BUTFESKY, 26 years old.
WALTER NISCH, 12 years old.
________ WOLCOTT, 12 years old.
GEORGE KAY, 14 years old.
PAUL MESTLE, 12 years old.
FRANK SYBEROSKI, 15 years old.
Five year old daughter of TONY GLEDISH.
SIDNEY RITTIER, 26 years old.
MRS. CLLIE YOUNG, 35 years old.
________ KLEDGE, 9 years old.
MURRAY HILL, 16 years old.
Five year old daughter of WILBUR LANE.
NELLIE McKETTRICK, 25 years old.
Infant daughter of MRS. GREEN, Waverstown, Pa.
Two unknown women about 22 and 23 years old.
Two unknown men about 25 and 35 years of age.
Unknown 6 months old infant.

(Transcribers note .. this list is taken from ...)
The Sandusky Register Ohio 1911-08-27