North East, PA Private Plane Crash, Jul 1950


Pittsburgh, Pa. - (AP) - Three men were killed in Western Pennsylvania plane crashes yesterday, two in a flaming wreck and the other in the choppy waters of Lake Erie near North East, Pa.
MILLARD RONSONE, 44, treasurer of the Copperweld Steel Company, and a friend, RICHARD BAILEY, 17, both of Warren, Ohio, were killed as their chartered ship crashed on the Montour Heights Country Club golf course near Pittsburgh.
The pilot, JOHN LYDEN, 33, of Youngstown, Ohio, was burned seriously as he tried to rescue his passengers from the flaming wreckage.
He said he was attempting an emergency landing after the oil pressure dropped and fire broke out in the plane's engine.

State Police tentatively identified the victim of the Lake Erie plane crash as R. G. COBB of Cleveland, Ohio.
COBB'S body was recovered in the wrecked plane last night about eight hours after the ship plunged into the lake about a mile off-shore near North East during an electrical storm.
Earlier, coast guardsmen had recovered pieces of a wing.
Norman Dalrymple and George Hattman, who were fishing in the lake saw the plane crash.
The plane sank and dragging operations were unsuccessful. However, the plane rose to the surface last night, its tail sticking from the water. The pilot's body was lodged in the cabin. State Police said the ship's engine was missing and theorized it was torn loose by the choppy water, allowing the plane to rise to the surface.

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