Stony Fork, PA Greene House Fire, Apr 1884

Fire at Stony Fork

The Dwelling House of Abram Greene Burned

Stony Fork, April 25, 1884 - -The quiet slumbers of the people here here broken this morning by the cry of 'Fire!' The dwelling house of Mr. Abram Greene was burned at 4 o clock. The cause of the fire is unknown and scarcely guessable.

The building contained the household goods of Mr. and Mrs. Green, but had not been occupied by any family since last autumn. On account of extreme age and feeble health Mr. and Mrs. Greene have been spending the winter at the home of their son in law, Dr. Daniel Bacon, in Wellsboro.

Yesterday Mrs. Greene came to Stony Fork to rent their land here and get the garden plowed, expecting, if Mr. Greene should get strong enough, that they would make their home here during the summer.

The building was a double house with a wing on both the north and south sides. Mrs. Greene, who occupied the house alone for the night, was sleeping in the north part of the main center of the building. At little before 4 o'clock she was awakened by smoke, which came through the house from the south side. She came to the door and gave the alarm to Mr. M. S. Coles, whose hotel and store were near by. About the same time Mrs. S. Dimmick saw the fire from the south. It was then only in the south wing, remote from were there had been any fire during the day. It seems to have originated in the second story, and it is supposed to have been started by spontaneous combustion or by rats gnawing matches that they had previously carried off.

Nearly all the goods on the first floor were saved, but nothing was saved from the second story. Mrs. Green things there was an insurance on the house, but she is not certain but it had expired. The air was perfectly calm at the time of the fire, and this saved the neighboring buildings from peril.

The Wellsboro Agitator, Wellsboro, PA 29 Apr 1884