Plymouth, PA Avondale Mine Disaster, Sept 1869 - List of Dead

List of Dead

ALLEN, William, Hanover, leaves a wife, soon to be a mother.
ALLIBACH, Addison, Plymouth, wife and three children.
BOWEN, John, formerly of Providence, leaves a wife and one child.
BOWEN, William, Avondale, wife and one child.
BRYANT, Elijah, Avondale, wife and child.
BURKE, Patrick, Plymouth, has a sister in Scranton.
BURTCH, John and John, Jr., age about 12, Plymouth, formerly of Providence, wife and three children.
CLARK, John, Jersey Hill, Plymouth, leaves wife and seven children.
CONKLIN, Peter, of Plymouth, has a wife and three children in England.
DALY, Michael, wife and four children.
DAVIS, John R., formerly of Pittston.
DAVIS, John, Plymouth, formerly of Pittston.
DAVIS, Lewis, boarded with Evan Hughes, single man.
DAVIS, Thomas, Plymouth, family in Wales.
DAVIS, William, Plymouth, wife and children in the old country.
DOWDLE, William, Avondale, single.
EDWARDS, Daniel, Avondale, wife and one child.
EDWARDS, E.W., Plymouth, wife and child.
EVANS, John D., Plymouth, wife and five children.
EVANS, Matthew, of Steuben Colliery.
EVANS, William J., Turkey Hill, leaves wife and two or three children.
EVANS, William R., second son of Mr. Evans.
EVANS, William, a brother of Matthew, of Steuben Colliery.
EVANS, William, Avondale, uncle of Wm. E. Davis, aged 51, driver boss, wife.
EVANS, William, son of Wm. E. Evans, in mine, has a mother and a sister.
FEAR, Charles, Plymouth.
FROTHINGHAM, Andrew, Avondale, leaves a wife.
GILROY, Hugh, son of Patrick Gilroy who recognized him, as did also a brother, married and one child, but did not live with wife.
GIVENS, David, aged seventeen, car driver, parents at Kingston.
GUYTER, Darrius, Avondale, wife and three children.
HARDING, William, Plymouth, came from Hyde Park, wife.
HARRIS, John, Avondale, wife and children.
HASKINS, James, Plymouth, wife and three children.
HATTON, Thomas, father of the boy Willie, Plymouth, wife and two living children.
HATTON, Willie, about 10 yrs old, Plymouth.
HOWELLS, Shem, Welch Hill, Plymouth, wife and four small children.
HUGHES, Evan, inside boss, Plymouth, brother of Benjamin Hughes, of Scranton, leaves a wife and three children.
HUGHES, Evan, inside boss.
HUGHES, John, Plymouth, wife and child.
HUGHES, Thomas, Welch Hill, Plymouth.
JAMES, David, Kingston, wife and child.
JENKINS, John, inside boss.
JOHNSON, Dave, Plymouth, wife and one child.
JOHNSON, Peter, Plymouth, unmarried.
JONES, Daniel, Plymouth, family in England.
JONES, Edwin, Hanover, leaves a wife.
JONES, Roland, Turkey Hill, wife and two children.
JONES, T. E., formerly of Providence, leaves a wife and widowed mother.
JONES, Thomas, Plymouth, wife and children. Buried one child last Sunday.
JONES, William D., wife and four children in Aberdare, South Wales.
JONES, William D., wife in Merthyr Tydvil.
LEWELLYN, Reese, brother to Thomas Lewellyn, single.
LEWELLYN, Thomas, Plymouth, single.
LEWIS, William, Plymouth, wife and child.
LUNDAY, Reese, of Turkey Hill, wife and three children.