Pittsburgh, PA Trolley Car Wreck, Oct 1895



The Brake Rod Broke and the Car Dashed at Terrific Speed Down a Long Hill.

PITTSBURG, Oct. 14. -- A distressing accident happened on the Carnegie branch of the West End street railway, resulting in the death of three people and injury of 17 others. The killed were RED HEISEL and GEORGE ROTHMAN, both of Carnegie, Pa., and MRS. ELIZABETH BISHOP of this city.

The following are the injured:
MICHAEL FOLEY and wife of West Eng, Pittsburg, badly cut about head and body, both dangerously hurt.
Professor ALEXANDER PHILLIPS of Pittsburg academy, head and neck cut, serious.
O. J. BALDWIN of Youngsville, Pa., skull fractured.
MISS EMMA LAUGHLIN, 809 Atwood street, Pittsburg, scalp wound, both legs crushed.
MISS PEARL HOON, Seventh street, Beaver Falls, scalp wound.
Unknown Boy, bruised.
ROBERT WILLEY, 10 years old, badly bruised.
GEORGE WADDLES, motorman, leg crushed and head cut.
FRANK McGUIRE, conductor, badly bruised.

The names of the others injured are not known, as they left the scene without being recognized.

The accident happened to car No. 56 on the long hill coming into West End on its way to Pittsburg. Just as the car started down the heavy grade the brake broke, and it was soon beyond the control of the motorman, the speed became terrific, and when a sharp curve near the foot of the hill was reached, the car made a wonderful leap, landing trucks uppermost in McCarthy's run, six or eight feet below the track grade.
The accident occurred at a lonely spot, and it was quite awhile before assistance reached the sufferers, who were wedged tightly in the wreck, which was most complete.

When the conductor saw that the car was beyond control, he lay down on the floor and advised the others to follow his example. The killed were found wedged under the roof of the car, which had been smashed in upon them. The escape of any of those on the car was miraculous.

The dead were brought to the Pittsburg morgue and the injured to the several hospitals.

McCartney's hill is about a quarter of a mile long. The rules of the company require cars to come to a full stop at the top of the hill to test the brakes. This apparently was not done.

About eight months ago a car on the same line jumped the track on a sharp curve on Steuben street and running over a hill landed on the top of a house.

Ogdensburg Advance and St. Lawrence Weekly Democrat New York 1895-10-14

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