Towanda, PA Rolling Mill Boiler Explosion, Aug 1889



Pittsburg, Aug. 28. -- A special from Scranton, Pa., to The Times, says:
The rolling mill and nail factory at Towanda, Bradford County, operated by Bostley, Godcharles & Company, was partially wrecked yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock by the explosion of a boiler, the disaster resulting in instant death of five men and fatally injury of two others, and slight injury of a dozen other workmen.
The dead are:
SANFORD B. SMITH, puddler, married.
RICHARD ACKERLY, roller, married.
GUY HERMAN, helper, married.
ISAAC BANDFORD, helper, single.
The fatally injured are:
CHARLES ZEBICH, terribly burned by molten metal.
JAMES RIDER, both legs broken and internal injuries.
The force of the explosion was terrific, lifting the entire roof off the southern portion of the mill, tearing away the rafters and girders and leaving the whole mass crushing into the mill and upon the terrified force of workmen, who were scattering in every direction, and crouching behind all kinds of obstacles to escape the fury of the hissing steam, which was filling the structure from the nest of boilers that were displaced and broken in their steam connections by the exploding boiler, pieces of which were hurled through the mill. The larger portion of the bursted boiler was carried through the side of the mill, landing away in a mass of scrap iron fully 150 feet.
The explosions awful sound was heard all through the town, and great crowds of the inhabitants rushed to the mill to learn its effect. Workmen were soon marshalled by Richard A. Bostley and Simon Rendall, members of the firm, and they speedily removed the debris and released the men who were buried in it, and also recovering the bodies of the killed, some of whom were badly mangled and scalded.

Newark Daily Advocate Ohio 1889-08-28