Coudersport, PA Block Fire, May 1904

Coudersport Fire.

High Winds Carried Sparks and an Entire Block Was Destroyed

By Associated Press to The Patriot.
Williamsport, May 13-A special dispatch to the Gazette and Bulletin from Coudersport, Pa., states that fire destroyed an entire block there this afternoon.

A high wind blew parks from a bonfire into one of the buildings and the Farmers’ Hotel, three grocery stores, a feed store, a music store, a tea store, Knights of Labor Hall, a dwelling and four barns were destroyed.

Help was sent from Port Allegheny. The loss is estimated at $50,000.

Patriot, Harrisburg, PA 14 May 1905


Another Big Fire Scares Coudersport

Help Is Asked From Port Allegheny Department When Business Block Is Burned

Special to The Inquirer.
Coudersport, Pa., May 13.-A fire which broke out here this afternoon destroyed a whole block in two hours, entailing a loss of $60,000.

For a time the town was threatened, and the Port Allegheny fire department responded to an appeal for aid, coming here on a special train.

The fire, which is supposed to have been caused by boys playing with matches, started in the barn of Philip Evans. Before it was checked it had reduced to ashes Knight of Labor Hall, occupied by W.H. Houser & Sons, grocers; O.D. Underwood’s Grocery; C.C. Chapman, piano warerooms; Exchange Hotel, livery stable of H. Mattison, dwelling and barber shop of W.H. Peterson and two barns of D. Knox. The fire leaped a half square and burned the dwelling occupied by Clayton Elliot. The Baptist Church and parsonage were repeatedly on fire, but the fight to stay the flames was made and won there.

Coudersport had an $80,000 fire Sunday night.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 14 May 1904