Titusville, PA Storm, Jul 1889

Terrific Storm.

TITUSVILLE, Pa., July 3.---A terrific thunder storm passed over this city last evening, followed by two cloud bursts that caused a serious overflow of Church run which winds through the city from an insignificant stream. The run turned into a furious torrent in a few minutes, coursing through the streets, filling cellars, rising in some cases to the first stories of the houses. Fully three miles of streets are flooded with over two feet of winter on the sidewalks.

The families along the line of the flood became frantic and a number of rafts were built on which women and children were taken to places of safety. The force of the water ripped up hundreds of feet of sewers, and roads in the surrounding country were badly washed out.

At East Titusville a number of residences were badly damaged. Several narrow escapes from drowning occurred in this city.

The water poured down the side of the hills in the northwest part of the city where the cloud burst occurred, in a perfect avalanche, sweeping all before it. What were ferrile gardens are now stony wastes and a number of valuable farms are ruined.

Aspen Weekly Times, Aspen, Co 6 Jul 1889