Greensburg, PA Train Accident, May 1904


Someone Turns Switch, Wrecking Train and Killing Fireman

Greensburg, May 25--Coroner Chas N. Wynn and District Attorney Jesse E. B. Cunningham have started an investigation into the death of Frederick C. Thomas a fireman killed in a wreck on the Manor Valley branch of the Pennsylvania road Tuesday morning.

It has been established that the train was deliberately derailed. The train was being hauled from the mines of the Penn Manor Coal Company by two engines. Coming up from the branch of the main line the engines left the main tracks and plunged into a blind siding.

The front engine went over the end of the siding into the township road 20 feet below. Thomas was caught and scalded to death. Engineer Ross Shaw of M[illegible]cod was cut and bruised by flying debris. The county authorities believe the train was wrecked for the purpose of robbery. Thomas' body was brought here. His pockets were turned inside out and his watch, money and time book are missing.

Thomas was 24 years old and resided with his parents at Smithfield. His body was taken there for burial on Tuesday. Thomas had been a fireman on the Pennsylvania for three years.

The Daily Courier, Connellsville, PA 25 May 1904