Tullytown, PA Mill Fire, Mar 1899


Possibly the event of the week which produced the most excitement and interest was the burning of the mill on Tullytown Creek, which has of late been known as Kirby's mill. The property was owned by A. B. Headley, and has been leased for nearly two years past by B. C. Kirby. Both of these gentlemen lost heavily by the fire which practically destroyed the mill and stock.

The fire started about 10 o'clock p. m. on Saturday last, and was probably of incendiary origin, as there was no fire left in the mill when it was closed by Mr. Kirby for the day. The condolences of the whole borough are due both Mr. Headley and Mr. Kirby for their loss. The latter gentleman has been in the borough a comparatively short time, but has won the esteem of his townsmen for his manliness and the hard work that he has faithfully performed in his efforts to succeed.

Both Mr. Headley and Mr. Kirby were insured, but the insurance was very light in proportion to the loss sustained.

Bucks County Courier, Bristol, PA 2 Mar 1899