Mount Holly Springs, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1905

Train Wreck

Is Fatal For Five and Eight Others Are Injured

Pay Train and Combination Passenger and Milk Train Come Together on a Curve and Employes (sic) of the Railway Are Victims – Four Killed Outright and Other Died Soon After.

Harrisburg, Pa., Sept. 21. – Five men were killed and eight others seriously injured in a collision between a pay train and a combination passenger and milk train on the Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburg branch of the Philadelphia & Reading railroad at Roush’s curve at Mount Holly Springs this afternoon. None of the passengers were injured. The dead: EPHRAIM MCCLEARY, engineer of the milk train, of Harrisburg. C. J. SHEARER, fireman of the milk train, of Harrisburg. JOHN HILL, fireman of the pay train, of Reading. EDWARD LAUCHS, paymaster’s clerk, of Reading. THOMAS MARION, conductor of the pay train, Pottsville.
HILL died on the way to the Harrisburg hospital. The other four were killed outright.

Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks, ND 22 Sept 1905