Spring Hill, PA Train Collision, Jan 1947


Pittsburgh, Pa. -- A Pennsylvania Railroad engineer, the father of Mrs. Edith Brown of Indiana, was fatally injured yesterday when his east bound passenger train crashed into a derailed freight car at Spring Hill, near Pittsburgh.
The victim was J. W. ALLISON of Altoona, who died of shock and a possible fractured skull. Two passengers on the train, "The Pennsylvanian," were slightly injured but able to continue their journey to New York.
The railroad said the freight car was derailed at a switch only a short time before the passenger train reached Spring Hill. A relief train was made up in Pittsburgh and passengers transferred to it. Windows were shattered in "The Pennsylvanian" and paint scraped.
MR. ALLISON was taken to the Columbia Hospital in Wilkinsburg at 5:30 a.m. yesterday, and died at 10:15 a.m.
His wife, Mrs. Lena Allison and another daughter also survives.

Indiana Evening Gazette Pennsylvania 1947-01-27