Philadelphia, PA Boating Accident, May 1828


On Sunday afternoon the 8th inst. about 4 o'clock, 9 young men of this city, chartered a sail boat for the purpose of visiting the Woodlands on the western bank of the river Schuylkill, and seeing some friends. When opposite the United States Arsenal, a young man very imprudently sprang up the mast, against the wishes and contrary to the advice of his companions, which occasioned the boat to upset, and, shocking to relate, five individuals perished. The names of the persons drowned are: MR. ROBERT GORDON, in his 22d year, and MR. ALEXANDER FLEMMING, (nephews of Mr. Robt. Flemming,) MR. CHARLES REA, MR. DANIEL DARRACH, & a young lad about 12 years of age, of the name of JOHN MONTGOMERY.
The persons saved are: JOHN McFARLAND, SAMUEL McFARLAND, (sons of Widow McFarland, in north 7th street, between Market and Arch,) HENRY SMITH and WILLIAM _____.
Thus in a moment have the fond hopes of the relatives and friends of these unfortunate young men been blasted by this sudden afflicting dispensation of Divine Providence. A liberal reward will be given for the recovery of any of the bodies.
Philadelphia Gazette.

The Republican Compiler Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1828-05-18