Johnstown, PA Gas Explosion, Apr 1924


Johnstown, Pa., April 18. (INS) -- MRS. ANNA PRACKO, 38, and her three children, LEO, 13, SOPHIE, 4, and ROSE, 18 months old, were killed and her husband ANTHONY PRACKO and three other children were seriously burned in a gas explosion at their home here today.
The injured children are HARRY, 14, KATHERINE, 10, and STEPHEN, 8 years old.
The house was almost completely demolished by the blast which rocked the neighborhood.
The explosion, according to the disjointed stories told by the survivors, was caused by one of the boys lighting a match in the gas-filled cellar of the home.
When the boy arose today to go to work he went down into the cellar, and is believed to have lighted a match, igniting the gas-filled chamber. With a roar the blast blew the four walls from the residence and the debris tumbled over the sleeping family.
A similar explosion at the PRACKO home two years ago caused the roof to fall in, and city authorities investigating the first explosion declared the blast was caused by natural gas.
Firemen extricated the family from the ruins on the occasion of the first explosion.

The Progress Clearfield Pennsylvania 1924-04-18