Roulette, PA Ostrander Home Gas Explosion, May 1902

Mrs. W. A Ostrander, and elderly resident of Roulette, Potter county, was burned so badly in an explosion of natural gas at her home late last Tuesday night that she died on the following day. The house and its contents and the adjacent barn were all burned.

After the explosion Mrs. Ostrander managed to get out of the house in the rear and reach a neighbor’s. Bits of flesh from her hands and body strewed her way to the neighbor’s house. She was able to tell the story before she became unconscious from anesthetics, administered to relieve her awful sufferings. She had been awakened by a strong odor of gas. Arising and going to another room she struck a match and the terrible explosion followed which burst open the house and set to the building. She rushed out of the house enveloped in flames from her night clothes which were consumed before she reached her refuge. She was horrible burned about the body and her hands were simply incinerated.

The Wellsboro Agitator, Wellsboro, Pa 21 May 1902