Mercer County, PA Truck Wreck, May 1945


Meadville, Pa., May 21, (UP).--State police said today that the charred body of a soldier killed in a truck collision Friday night has been identified as John P. Strickler, 21, of Geneva, O. Identity was established from dog tags found near the wreckage.

The crash occurred on Route 19, in mercer county, south of the Crawford county line.

Claude F. Bucksbee, 38, Meadville, driver of the truck in which the soldier was riding, was in critical condition at Spencer hospital. He told police he had given the soldier a lift. The soldier was on furlough.

The driver of the other truck, Charles O'Neill, Butler, suffered head injuries.

The Piqua Daily Call, Piqua, OH 21 May 1945


Jet crash in Texas

John K. Roschlau, pilot of the F8 jet that crashed in Texas, is my uncle. He was a test pilot for the new Navy jets and he told me many stories about his flights. He was very traumitized by the Texas crash, as houses were badly danaged and lives were in danger, particularily children's lives. He is the father of 2 sets of twins and has many grandchildren. He and his wife, Betty, still live in Texas. I can give him your phone # if you have questions for him.

air disaster in Texas

I'm looking for information about a plane crash in Grand Prairie, Texas, in 1970 (I believe) where the pilot ejected safely and the plane crashed into an empty house. The test pilot's name is John K. Roschlau, he was in the Marine reserves and worked for LTV. Thank you,