Hamilton, ON Fire, Dec 1872


Burning of a Wool Broker's Stock in Hamilton, Ont.---

HAMILTON, Ont., Dec. 17.---A large fire occurred here last night, comsuming the premises occupied by John Harvey & Co., wool brokers, and damaging the adjoining buildings, occupied by McKenzie & McKay and J. Davis & Colk both wool brokers. Harvey & Co.'s loss in $100,000. McKenzie & McKay and Davis & Co. had their stocks considerably damaged by water, but are well insured. Harvey & Co. are insured in the following offices: In the Liverpool, London and Globe, $10,000; Ætna, of Hartford, $10,000; Hartford, $10,000; Scottish Fire Insurance Company, $10,000; Guardian, $10,000; British American, $10,000; Victoria Mutual, $2,000. The total loss is about $120,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 18 Dec 1872