Jennings and Mining, OK Tornado, Sept 1894


Disaster in the Towns of Jennings and Mining in the Osage Country.

PERRY, Oklahoma, Sept. 18.----A tornado from the southwest yesterday descended without a moment's warning upon the towns of Jennings an Mining. Fifty homes were demolished in the two places, and it is known that three persons, a young woman and two children, are dead, and several persons are injured.

The wreck was general, and the injured were exposed for several hours. or until rescuers from adjoining towns arrived.

In Mining the overturned stoves set fire to the ruins, and the place was entirely swept over. Farmers from the surrounding country flocked in, and did all in their power to save property and care for those hurt. The injured are cut and bruised, and some who have internal injuries cannot recover.

The storm cut down all the wires, and leaves no source of information except the first reports of couriers. It is thought the sweep of the storm has caused much damage through the entire district about the ill-fated towns.

Mining is a small town of eighty houses, in the Osage Indian Country, in the Jennings district, and has about 300 inhabitants. It is forty miles from the nearest railroad.

The New York Times, New York, NY 19 Sept 1894