Edmond, OK Tornado, May 1893

Fatality at Edmond.

Edmond, Ok., May 6.- A cyclone passed through the country four miles west of this place last night doing untold damage to property and human life. The path was about two miles wide, traversing a northern direction.

It swept everything in its path, horses, cattle, houses, barns, fences, timber and everything movable was torn and blown out.

The dead are as follows:
Neut. DONALD, killed instantly, his wife and their child, Maud, 7 years old, died this morning.

A family by the name of SMILIE cannot be found. The family consisted of father, mother and one child, 1 year old.

The wounded are:
John LAWRENCE, leg broken and bruised about the body.
G. W. ELRICK, shoulder broken and head wounded.
Mrs. ELRICK, arm broken.
Aly ELRICK, 20 years old, two ribs broken, internal injuries.
Very badly hurt:
George ELRICK, aged 8 years.
Vic ELIRCK, aged 12 years, bruised about the body.
James WATERS, wife and two children, badly bruised.

Many others whose names are not known were hurt.

There are at least sixty houses blown away and many remain in wreck and ruin.

The people were wide awake to the predictions and warnings, to prepare for severe storms this month, and they provided themselves with cellars.

The cyclone played some curious freaks, Mr. GRANTHAM's house was picked up while he was asleep and while in the air came to pieces and let him and his bed to the ground right side up, uninjured.

A basket of eggs was found forty yards from where the house stood, and but three of them were broken out of twenty-six.

A self-binding reaper was blown half a mile and left in good condition in the wheat field.

Chickens were picked clean of their feathers as if prepared for the pot.

The whole town of Edmond turned out this morning to aid the sufferers. Wagons were loaded with bedding and groceries and all is being done that is possible to relieve the suffering and destitute. Medical aid was early on the scene and broken bones are being set and the wounds dressed. The damage to crops is light.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 9 May 1893


Killed and Injured.

Guthrie, Ok., May 9.- The full details of the cyclone west of Edmond, Friday night, are obtainable for the first time to-day.

The dead are I. N. DONNELL, Wm. DONNELL, Mrs. I. N. DONNELL, a child of G. W. ELRECH and an unknown baby.

Fatally Injured, two children of I. N. DONNELL, G. W. ELRECH, Mrs. G. W. ELRECH, two ELRECH children, Mrs. John VanARSDAL and Mrs. MOORE.

Those with serious injuries are a son of M. M. GRANTHAM; John Wages, shoulder and collar bone broken; F. L. BURNS, internal injuries, John LAWRENCE and son and a dozen others received painful injuries.
Twenty farms were swept clean of everything.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 10 May 1893