Woodward, OK area Tornado, May 1908


Series of Tornadoes Sweep Over the Northwestern Section of Oklahoma.

WOODWARD, Okla., May 31 - At least eight persons were killed and scores of others injured in the several tornadoes in northwestern Oklahoma late yesterday.

The dead: J. R. HALE, Little Robe, Ellis county; two unknown persons, Arnett, Ellis county; Dr. J. H. Howser, Vici, Woodward county; ARTHUR SIBEL, Mutual, Woodward county; WILLIAM HAND, Estelle, Major county; MRS. YOUNG, Selling, Dewey county;

Telephone communication is entirely cut off from the storm-swept area, and the only other mode of securing information is by stage.
The nearest points to Woodward that the storm struck is Mutual, five miles away. The most distant is Little Robe, in Ellis county, 55 miles southwest of this place.

The most serious results were in the vicinity of Arnett, where fully 38 persons are belived to have received broken limbs. The only town known to have been destroyed is Vici, in the southern part of Woodward county, where it is said there is not a house left standing.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 12 May 1908