Woodward, OK Tornado, Apr 1947

220 Blocks of Twisted Wreckage in Woodward, Oklahoma April 1947 Ford Garage After Tornado at Woodward, Oklahoma 1947 Woodward, Oklahoma Tornado Wreckage, April 1947

The tornado was at its worst in Oklahoma—this was the deadliest storm in that state's tornado-troubled history. Six more people were killed when the tornado passed south of Shattuck, Gage, and Fargo. The tornado then moved into Woodward, where it devastated the town and killed an estimated 107 people. The damage track in Woodward was two miles (3 km) wide and destroyed 100 city blocks. The tornado dissipated in Woods County, west of Alva, Oklahoma, while the tornado family pressed on to Kansas.

Damage Totals From the Red Cross

Ellis County, Oklahoma - $1,264,000
52 homes destroyed, 133 damaged
223 other buildings destroyed, 107 damaged

Woodward County, Oklahoma - $6,608,750
430 homes destroyed, 650 damaged
925 other buildings destroyed, 975 damaged

Woods County, Oklahoma - $950,000
25 homes destroyed, 34 damaged
110 other buildings destroyed, 90 damaged