Davis, OK Tornado, Apr 1972



Davis, Okla. (AP) -- A tornado demolished an isolated farm home near here Wednesday evening, killing five persons -- including two women seeking refuge from the funnel -- and leaving three persons injured, one critically.
The tornado -- one of several twisters which roamed widespread parts of Oklahoma through most of the night -- zeroed in on the CURTIS BAIRD residence, about seven miles northwest of Davis, and demolished the home.
Another funnel -- possibly the same one -- touched down at Ratliff, injuring three more persons.
Thunderstorm and tornado warnings were still being posted last Wednesday night, but most of the activity had moved to the eastern section of the state.
The victims of the tornado near Davis were identified as BAIRD'S son, EUGENE, 13; SHARON KAY RAINES, 14; LARRY RAINES, 13; PEARL TAYLOR, 32, and BILLIE CASEY, 34.
BAIRD was reported in critical condition late Wednesday at an Ardmore hospital. In fair condition were two other BAIRD children, 15-year-old PEGGY and 16-year-old EARNEST.
The TAYLOR woman and the CASEY woman had stopped their car to get out of the storm and had gotten only to the porch of the BAIRD residence when the twister dipped down.
Eight houses between Hennepin and Davis were heavily damaged or destroyed. One house was completely demolished near Ratliff and a church house was blown off its foundation.
A neighbor of the BAIRDS, MRS. LAWRENCE RICHARDSON, said the tornado just dropped from the sky. "It came down on that house and got it, then it went up in the air."

Journal News Hamilton Ohio 1972-04-20