Guthrie, OK Tornado, Oct 1896


District Several Miles Wide Devastated – Much Damage in Payne County.

Guthrie, O. T., special: A cyclone swept over a stretch of country about twenty miles east of here at 7:30 o’clock Wednesday night, devastating a district several miles long and probably a hundred yards wide. The farmhouse of William Toby was first in the path of the storm. The building was destroyed and Toby was probably fatally injured. The other members of his family escaped.

Half a mile further north the Mitchell postoffice [sic] and stor was lifted bodily into the air, carried a hundred yards and dashed to the earth. The building was smashed into splinters, and postmaster M. L. Mullin and his wife, who lived in the building, were killed. They died clasped in each other’s arms. The Mullins came here from Rock Island, Ill.

Rumors are current here that the same storm did frightful damage further northeast, in Payne county, and that several persons were killed there, but particulars are not obtainable.

There was a tremendous fall of rain here and considerable damage was done by washouts and the carrying off of crops.

At Wewoka, I. T., the cyclone destroyed Gov. Brown’s store, a new church and four other buildings. Several persons were hurt, but none seriously. At mine No. 12, near Krebs, it is reported five people were killed.

In Lincoln county Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin have been found dead in the ruins of their home and Harrison Jones will die of his injuries.

Gazette, Stevens Point, WI 4 Nov 1896