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Ardmore, OK Fire, Dec 1922



Factory and Other Buildings Are Fire Swept


Firemen Believe Others Lost in Fire

ARDMORE, Okla., Dec 30.-One person is dead and two others are unaccounted for as a result of a fire early today which wiped out two business blocks here.

Property damage was estimated at more than $150,000.

The charred body of an unidentified man was removed from the ruins of a rooming house in the fire-swept area. Firemen said they believed several more persons perished in the blaze and are searching the debris as fast as it cools.

Two Others Lost

The register of the rooming house was lost in the blaze but MRS. L. P. FELDON, proprietor, said at least two other persons are unaccounted for.

The fire of unknown origin was first discovered at 1:30 a. m. A strong wind caused the blaze to spread, resulting in half a block of frame buildings being in flames by the time the fire fighting apparatus arrived. Efforts to confine the blaze to one block were futile as the strong wind carried the blaze across the street intersection.

Blaze Discovered

The blaze was discovered in the C. P. Hall Furniture company's building. The Brooks Burner Stove factory, a two-story rooming house and numerous small frame buildings were among those destroyed.

A wide space of railroad tracks prevented further spread of the fire into a thickly populated residence section.

Port Arthur Daily News, Port Arthur, TX 30 Dec 1922

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