New Philadelphia, OH Train Accident, Mar 1883

Joseph Metzer, a German, aged 24 years, had his right leg crushed, necessitating amputation, on last Wednesday, by being run over with a caboose in the yard here. It is the custom to "cut" the caboose from the train before the latter stops. Metzer attempted to step from the caboose to the rear end of the train, but miscalculated the distance, falling in front of the caboose, the wheels crushing his right leg in a terrible manner and also his left heel. He was remove to the office of the Company's Surgeon, McCurdy, who, assisted by Dr. J. H. Wilson, amputated the injured limb at the knee. Metzer has a wife and four children in the old country, and is unable to speak English. He was working his way back to New Jersey, to work in a pottery, being a potter by trade. The railroad officials have done all in their power to relive his distress.

The Ohio Democrat, New Philadelphia, OH 22 Mar 1883